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Tree Trimming Tips for a Beautiful Shrub

Pruning is the careful removal of parts such as branches, stems, and flowers from plants. However, it doesn’t just help with form and style. 


Pruning helps control the growth and structure of shrubs and trees, removes dead or diseased stems and branches, and encourages flowers, fruit, and new foliage. Especially when it comes to woody plants, such as trees and shrubs, pruning is a great way to maintain healthy growth. Read along to take into consideration some tips for tree trimming:


Helpful Tips To Have a Beautiful Shrubbery

How much and what to prune depends on the age and size of the trees:

Young Trees:

You should prune young plants in a way that encourages them to produce a balanced, open stem or branch structure. 

  • Remove branches that cross or rub and those growing at an angle of thirty degrees or less to the trunk, as they are weakly attached and more prone to break in storms.

  • You can prune small twigs back to a bud to stimulate branching.

Old Trees and Bushes: 
  • Old trees and shrubs often greatly benefit from pruning. It encourages them to produce vigorous new growth that produces equally healthy flowers and fruit

  • Shrubs with multiple stems, such as viburnum, lilac, and forsythia, can withstand harder pruning. Cut up to one-third of the old stems to encourage new growth.

Pruning Shrubs

 While pruning shrubs, try to keep the natural shape of the plants by removing individual twigs. Using pruning shears or hand pruners, remove dead, damaged, and crowded branches down to the plant base. Avoid cutting flowering shrubs with hedge shears. 

 When To Trim?

 Pruning can be done all year long; however, recommended times vary from plant to plant. Contrary to popular assumption, pruning at the wrong time of the year does not kill plants, but continued inadequate pruning results in damaged or weakened plants.

 A Professional Can Provide The Best Results

 To achieve a beautiful and effective result in the pruning of your shrubs and trees, it is necessary to know basic pruning techniques and the right tools. The best thing to do is to go to an experienced company that offers tree trimming and pruning services so that your garden always looks healthy and impeccable. 

Hiring Mid America Can Bring Amazing Results to Your Shrubs

Mid America Tree Experts specialize in caring for your plants and trees year-round, whenever you need it. If you find yourself looking for tree trimmers you are in the right place. We provide outstanding service and expert arborists in St. Louis. Your property will have a neat and healthy garden. 


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