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Learn Why Stump Grinding is So Important

When a tree succumbs or is removed, a stump is generally left behind. Some homeowners don’t mind a stump or a few stumps on their land; however, the importance of stump removal should always be considered for any property.


Stump removal removes tree stumps without having to dig them up. It’s not just about conserving the yard looking clean; there is more than one reason to hire professionals for stump removal. Read these main factors to consider stump grinding.

 4 Reasons Why it’s Important to Remove Tree Stumps

 Here three good reasons why you should remove tree stumps:

Stumps Are Unsightly

Tree stumps add nothing to the curb appeal of your home. Even if they look better after the tree has been removed, they will become a rotting mess in a couple of years.

Tree Stumps Can Be Dangerous

Stumps left on the lawn or in the garden can be hazardous to children, neighbors, or visitors. It may seem silly, but they pose a real tripping hazard. Stumps can cost you money if you accidentally hit the stump while mowing and create a liability issue on your property.

Stumps Attract Insects


If you leave a tree stump, the decaying stump and roots take a long time to rot. As they decay, they attract beetles, termites, ants, and other wood-eating creatures.


Keep Tree Roots Out of Your Home

Even though a tree root may not be strong enough to break your pipes or sewer lines from the outside, a growing root can absorb water from a leaking water line, which will allow the root to spread. If you plan to remove the stump, it is important to have a professional remove all stump roots from your tree, so there is no risk of root growth.

What Occurs to The Roots After Grinding?

While stump grinding takes care of the remaining visible remnants of the tree, the old tree roots still extend below ground, sometimes 8 or 12 feet beyond where the stump was. After grinding, these roots naturally decompose, but it is a long process. 


Hire The Best Tree Experts in St. Louis!

The best option for safe and proper tree stump removal is to contact professionals like Mid America Tree Experts. We offer quality service and a variety of tree services for your property in St. Louis, Missouri.


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