4 Reasons Why Deadwooding is Important

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Deadwooding is the practice of trimming dead wood from a tree, which occurs for different reasons. One of the most common is a lack of nutrients in the tree, resulting in dead branches. Removing dead wood makes the tree look more lively and attractive while reducing the dead weight of the trunk. 

However, deadwood isn’t only an appearance problem; it can seriously endanger your tree and anyone who is in the habit of walking under or near it. In addition, rotting branches can spread the rot as an infection up the trunk of the tree. When this happens, your tree is at risk of dying. If these reasons aren’t enough to contact branches & tree experts, here we give you 4 important reasons to start deadwooding. 

Start Deadwooding

Reason #1 – Dead Branches Are Extremely Risky

They can snap and fall in the most unpredictable situations, injuring anyone standing below them. The last thing you would want is for your child to be seriously injured by a dead branch while playing in your yard. 

Removing dead wood will prevent this from happening. Without deadwood hanging over your property, the risk of injury is reduced, and you and your family can happily play and enjoy being under your healthy tree.

Reason #2 -Prevents Property Damage

In addition to hitting people underneath, it can also damage nearby structures, outdoor furniture, railings, and even your neighbor’s property. Also, if there are power lines under your tree, it could hit it and cause many problems to your home and even the entire surroundings. 

Reason #3 – Enhance The Beauty Of Your Property

Deadwood isn’t appealing. It can distract attention away from what could be a beautiful tree that enhances your property. Removing dead wood upgrades the aesthetic worth of the tree by correcting its shape and overall balance.

Reason #4 – Protects against plant pests

Deadwood is undoubtedly a strong point of infection for mold and fungi. Insects also feed and take up residence in the bark, trunks, and branches of trees. These infestations may cause the wood and tree trunk to rot and invite unwanted pests and diseases. Removing dead wood deters these organisms from taking refuge in your tree.

Hire Premium Tree Deadwooding Services in St. Louis

In Mid America Tree Experts, we provide trustworthy Tree Care services in Saint Louis to property owners in the area to protect and enhance the health of your trees all year. Our services are a success because of our amazing and certificated staff to work in your yard. Don’t let this opportunity pass, and contact us today. 


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