What Is The Difference Between Pruning & Trimming?

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Trees, bushes, and shrubs all need to be pruned and trimmed. However, the question many homeowners ask themselves can be about the difference between pruning and trimming, and which one is needed for their goals in the garden. The terms prune and trim can be used interchangeably. Here are the answers to all your trimming and pruning questions. Keep reading!


The idea behind pruning is to prevent loose or dead branches from harming other plants and people. Removing these branches will make the flowers and fruits of the tree flourish. Pruning is supposed to stimulate the tree, not inhibit growth. Removing the branches infested with diseases and pests is another reason gardeners prune their trees. Gardeners also prune their trees if they appear to have a particular shape for aesthetic reasons. 

There Are Two Types:

Pruning and topiary cause trees to take on unnatural shapes. Topping is the practice of annual pruning to produce new shoots each year. Topiary is the art of shaping trees into an animal or geometric forms.


The tool that professionals use to prune shrubs is called scissors. There are two types: hand scissors used to remove leaves and buds, and roppers used to cut thick branches.


Trimming refers to cutting off the branches of overgrown plants. You may cut it into a particular shape or simply try to keep it in a particular size. While pruning emphasizes the safety and health of plants, gardeners often trim shrubs and hedges for aesthetic purposes. However,  overgrowth is harmful because it reduces the amount of moisture and light the shrub receives. Therefore, gardeners should prune shrubs at least twice a year to prevent this from happening.


The ideal tool professionals use to trim trees is known as trimmers or schallers. It can be electric or gas-powered. People also use scissors to cut shrubs.

Frequency Comparison

The  frequency of pruning or pruning required depends on the type of plant. Trees that bloom in spring should be pruned at the end of June, shortly after the flowering  cycle. Winter and spring are good logging times for trees that bloom in summer. 

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