5 Common Mistakes When Trimming A Tree

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Whether you’re trying to save money by doing the trimming yourself, or if your homeowner’s insurance is giving you grief about hiring a professional tree trimming service in St Louis, you must understand what not to do when trimming a tree. 

Some of these mistakes can lead to serious injury and even death; others could shorten the life of your tree. If you plan on learning how to trim your tree (or if you already do), make sure to avoid these five common mistakes. 

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1. Not Wearing The Right Clothing

Anyone who has tried reaching their arm into a hollow trunk or around an exceptionally large branch knows that it’s hard to get good access to the trunk of a tree.

2. Trying To Save Time With Power Tools Too Large For Them

Using the proper tool ensures that your job will be done quickly and helps you avoid injury.

3. When Someone Starts To Get Tired During The Trimming

Taking a break is likely to make you lose the rhythm, and the tree may seem more difficult to prune when you return.

4. Not Knowing How To Properly Clean Up A Tree After It’s Been Trimmed

Not only will this look bad for your house, but it could also lead to further problems if dead branches begin to rot and fall off.

5. Using The Wrong Pruning Technique For A Tree’s Specific Growth Pattern

This can lead to dangerous situations, such as cutting off large branches instead of little buds and twigs or not knowing how close you can trim without damaging the tree.

Hire A Pro For The Job

Hiring a professional for tree trimming services is the wisest choice. You will have peace of mind knowing your trees are in good hands. When you call on tree service in Saint Louis, know that every professional crew member has been handpicked to ensure excellence in workmanship.

Start Your Tree Trimming Process With Mid America Tree Expert

It might not be easy to trim the trees. Exposing the tree and causing damage is possible if you trim too much. If you don’t do enough, it may result in a waste of time and effort. Call the tree experts- Mid America Tree Experts to ensure that your tree receives proper care. We have extensive expertise in tree maintenance and treatment.


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