5 Facts About Stump Grinding

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Have a stump at the end of the property you want gone? Wondering whether stump grinding is right for you and if it even works? Here are five facts about stump grinding to help you make the best decision possible.

1. It’s A Quick Process

Expect this job to be done quickly when you hire tree services like a stump ground service. In most cases, stump grinding can be done in one day.

2. Most Stump Grinding Services Recycle The Wood Chips From Stump Grinding

When you pay a stump grinder service to get rid of your stump, they often chip up the remains and reuse the chips as mulch for plant beds or on garden paths. If not, the chips are used for other landscaping projects around the area. Either way, it’s still your stump being recycled.

3. Stump Grinding Can Pass Inspection

If you’ve got a stump that needs to be removed for home inspections or rental property inspections, stump grinding is often the best solution. Since stump grinding can pass inspections, it’s a great solution if you have stump problems before going on the market.

4. A Stump Grinder Can Grind Stumps Of All Sizes

From small stumps to large ones, stump grinding services use a range of stump removal equipment. All size stumps can be removed quickly and easily with stump grinding.

5. Don’t Misunderstand The Purpose Of Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is not like using an ax to chop up the stump and get rid of it that way. It’s more like having a machine drill holes into the stump and then use suction to remove it. A stump grinder can cleanly remove the stump in one session, which is usually much easier than taking an ax to it. 

Stump Grinding Should Be Done By Professionals

Some stump grinders are powered by electricity, while others use hydraulics to impact the stump. This process can take between one and three hours to complete. Therefore, it should only be finished by a stump removal company providing tree services to ensure the stump is entirely gone without any danger of stump sprouting. 

Get Rid Of The Stump On Your Property TODAY!

The most powerful stump grinding machine globally is also our most popular. We provide stump removal services as a stand-alone service or as an addition to tree removal services. We even have barrier screens to keep the debris in check while working. For all of your tree services needs, call Mid America Tree Experts – the tree experts! 


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