Can A Storm Damaged Tree Be Saved?

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It’s a good question on the minds of many tree lovers. When a tree has been damaged in a storm, removal might seem like the most viable option, but it depends on what kind of damage occurred and how severe it is. The important question is “Do I need a tree repair service?”

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Remove It or Save It? – The Short Answer Is Here

If a tree was uprooted by a storm or leaning precariously because it has fallen over and is at risk of falling again, it should be removed immediately. Otherwise, some storm damaged tree might be repairable. How can you tell? If a tree has broken limbs or minor crown damage (the branches at the top of a tree), it may be possible to save it.

It is possible to repair a storm damaged tree with broken limbs in some cases. If the limb is just hanging, it might be possible to use a wire or rope to tie it down to heal straight. Branches might also need to be wired back into their proper positions.

Some trees are more resilient than others and better able to sustain storm damage without compromising their structural integrity. However, several species, including maple and oak, are more resilient to this type of damage than others, such as elm or pine.

Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making a Decision 

  • Is the tree still in good health and robust? Is there any indication that the storm severely damaged the tree? If first aid treatments are implemented when a tree is healthy, vigorous, and does not present a hazard, it will usually recover.
  • Is a limb broken? It’s harder for a storm damaged tree to recover from it if the fractured limb is bigger. If most of the primary branches are damaged, the tree has little to survive.
  • Is there any potential left for new branch growth? As the tree attempts to regrow its lost leaves, the remaining limbs will grow quicker. Is there anything that can eventually finish the look of the tree?
  • Is it the best choice for the area? If a tree isn’t just badly damaged but is also in the wrong spot, such as a potentially tall tree beneath a power line or an undesirable species for the property, like messy fruit, should it be removed?

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