4 Common Stump Grinding Issues

As a part of the removal process, stump grinding is necessary for complete tree removal. Stump grinding generally leaves less than 2 inches of the tree’s root system, making it safe to leave the area without planting. An improperly ground stump can lead to problems in your lawn or landscaping, so proper preparation and care are essential. 

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Avoid These 4 Stump Grinding Issues

  • Improper Tree Cutting

 The strip of bark left on the root system after cutting and grinding is too wide, exposing the pulpwood to sunlight and perhaps sealing it in place. This leads to decay in the exposed area. The wider the strip of bark, the greater chance that damage will occur.

2) Removing Too Much From The Root System

The amount to remove depends greatly on the type of tree and its location. If too much is taken, there’s a greater chance that decay will occur near the surface, where rot has the potential to penetrate further into the root system. As stated previously, failure to leave enough of the root system intact can lead to problems with future growth.

3) Incomplete Grinding Of The Root System

When grinding a stump, aim to have a 90-degree contact angle between the tool and the ground surface. Often, an inexperienced person may not achieve this due to a lack of power or skill level required for proper grinding. If even one inch is left untouched, the stump will try to regenerate, resulting in a higher risk of decay.

4) Leaving Large Roots And Stumps

The larger the root system, the harder it is to decompose completely. If you leave too much behind after grinding, it can lead to problems around your lawn as the roots attempt to regenerate.

Hire Professionals Tree Services

To prevent these common problems for your next stump grinding project, hire a professional to do the job. They’ll have the power and skills necessary to prevent all four issues from occurring. In case of any stump grinding issue, contact a professional immediately. 

Companies like Mid America Tree Expert offer you a complete solution for stump grinding and finish in record time. Their staff is fully trained and insured, perfect for doing the job you need and avoiding issues in your yard. 

We Provide An Effective Solution For Stump Grinding In St. Louis

Our biggest stump grinding system is ideal for removing big stumps with ease. We provide stump removal services as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with tree removal. We also have barrier screens to keep the mess under control while the job is done. For all of your stump removal needs, contact the tree experts, Mid America Tree Experts.


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