How Effective Is Cabling a Tree?

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Branches that are broken or unusable can be a headache for homeowners and tree enthusiasts alike. Not only may they be unsightly, but they can also put you or your family in danger during a severe storm. When that’s the case, tree cable & bracing is something you should think about. Cabling a tree can be done to ensure that branches of trees do not break and there are two types of cabling, bracing and tying. 

Cables are usually put in place around the tree when there is too much weight on the branches. This can be caused by several different things including, but not limited to, disease or fungus growth, construction, and damage from storms. Keep reading to know how cabling a tree can be so beneficial for you and your home.

3 Reasons To Go For Tree Cabling 

If caught early, structural difficulties can often be handled by pruning strategically. However, most structural concerns in mature trees will require tree cable & bracing:

  • Prevention: When a healthy tree has some structural issues discovered during a regular inspection, supports are used as protection. In these situations, installing a support system lowers the risk of the structural problems causing damage to people or property.
  • Support:: When a tree has been harmed by a storm, construction work, or extreme weather conditions, cabling helps restore it. You can preserve what’s left of the tree’s healthy structure and protect it from future damage by cabling in such situations.
  • Mitigation: Backstop supports are used to prevent risks in sound trees with no structural concerns in areas where significant injuries to people or property would result if the tree were to fall suddenly.

Trust Mid America Tree Experts To Work On Your Tree Cabling

If you’re looking for tree cable and bracing services, you’ve come to the right place. At Mid America Tree Experts we count with tree professionals for the care and protection of your trees, not to mention the safety of your home. We offer a FREE evaluation and professional installation to last and protect you. We pride ourselves on doing the best job in St. Louis. 


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