What To Do After Stump Grinding?

We all adore our garden’s trees. Unfortunately, now and then, one of them falls over or has to be cut down, leaving you with an unsightly stump on your lawn. If you’ve found out that you need stump grinding but just don’t know what comes after, this is the article for you. You might be wondering why it’s important to do anything after having a tree removed, or perhaps your immediate concern was removing the stump and getting rid of it.

This is why it’s important to do something with the stump after removing it.Keep reading to follow the right steps. 

The Easiest Guide To Follow After Stump Grinding

A tree stump in your yard may improve its appearance. However, once the stump has been removed, you’re left with a hole full of wood chips. The wood chips will decay eventually, but the hole should be filled with dirt to level out the grass. Following are six actions you can take after stump removal.

  • Prepare Yourself

If you’re working on your yard, you’ll need to have a few things handy before you start, especially to avoid accidents while working on the soil. 

  • Take Care Of The Debris

If you want your grass to seem like it has always looked, clear away any debris in the stump hole. The grass won’t develop as well; therefore, clear everything, including limbs, with a rake first. Remove any exposed roots using clippers or a saw.

  • Add the Soil 

It might take a few bags of topsoil to finish the job, but make sure to bury the hole at least as high as the rest of your yard. Loosen any soil that has clumped together with your rake. Even out the dirt, but leave an inch or two for it to settle after you start watering.

  • Seed the Area

Because you’ll be applying the grass seed by hand, you’ll want to achieve a good spread. Criss-cross the pattern in which you’re distributing the seeds and apply a normal amount per square inch.

  • Prepare the Soil

Add the seeds to the soil once you’re happy with the pattern. To begin, rake the seeds into the topsoil and then a quarter-inch of dirt on top. People have used peat moss instead, but it’s entirely optional.

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