What To Do When Branches Break Off A Tree

When a storm or other natural force hits a tree, there are several things you should do to ensure the tree’s health. One important thing to remember is that all trees have scars on their bark where previous damage has occurred. If this gets infected or does not heal correctly, it can cause more problems in the future for your tree.

Before a tree removal or any work is done, call your local arborists and ask for an assessment of the tree. They will be able to tell if any additional damage has been done, how severe it is, and what needs to be done to get your trees back into tip-top shape.

Here are some good tips on what you can do if your trees have suffered branch loss due to storm damage. Keep reading!

Don’t Panic – Follow These Steps To Handle A Broken-Off Tree Branch

  • Examine The Damages

The first step is to inspect the damaged branches. Are any of the major limbs fractured? What are the dimensions of the wounds where the branch fell off? Is there anything wrong with the tree? Do you want assistance in removing and addressing the branches? The damages can be different depending on the cause, such as storm damage or if the tree was weak all of a sudden.

  • Clear the Area

Clear and trim small branches carefully. Small broken branches should be prioritized first. Remove all loose branches from the floor to prevent mishaps. Get help if large limbs hang over electricity lines to avoid incidents because it is dangerous for kids and pet safety.

  • Wait A Little Longer Before Taking Action

When several significant limbs are damaged, or the tree appears to be dying, keep calm and don’t give up hope. Prune the branches gently instead of immediately removing them. After assessing the damage, you should also consult with a professional to determine what to do next.

  • Say Goodbye

If it’s clear that the tree can’t be saved because the damage is too significant or already dead, it’s time to cut ties with it. Don’t try to chop down the tree yourself if this is the case. Hiring a professional for assistance is your only option.

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