Why Are Trees Braced?

People may wonder why some trees, especially tall ones, are braced with cables and rods. 

A mature tree has lived for many years. Over time it grows larger in diameter, its branches spread out wider, and its crown becomes more expansive. As the tree continues to age, it may become susceptible to heavy winds or even an overwhelming amount of snow. 

These exterior forces on the trunk of a mature tree can cause cracks in some cases and be a problem for homeowners. Let’s take a look at what happens to trees under stress so that we have a better understanding of what this process is all about, and why tree cable & bracing is important. 

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Learning The Basics Of Tree Bracing

How Does Tree Bracing Work?

In a nutshell, tree braces are installed by drilling holes into the trunk of the tree. Brace rods are then inserted into the holes and fastened to allow for growth. The rods create a “compression zone” that helps prevent cracks from forming in the trunk, while also allowing new growth to occur. This is done in two steps: first by drilling holes into the trunk, and second by inserting the rod and fastening it in place.

The brace rod is made of a non-corrosive material (usually aluminum or stainless steel) and should be designed so it can be tightened as needed over time.

4 Reasons Why Trees Can Be Braced

  1. The tree is inspected for decay and damage. Any areas that are weak will be cut out with a chainsaw.
  2. Holes are drilled into the tree for the braces. The hole needs to be deep enough so that it does not go all the way through the tree and leaves a cavity in which insects could hide. They should also be deep enough so that there is no risk of the bolt cutting off water transport through the tree.
  3. A steel rod or rebar is placed in the hole and secured with epoxy and/or nuts and bolts on either end of the rod.
  4. As many rods as necessary are placed around the tree to support its weight and give it additional strength.

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