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6 Signs You Need Tree Removal Services

Trees are abundant sources of oxygen, contributing to a healthy and clean environment. However, not all trees are beneficial to homeowners. In some cases, trees can be hazardous to properties and for the people living in them. If you’ve noticed this, calling tree services in St. Louis, MO, or stump grinding services might be a good idea.

In this blog, you ‘ll learn about all the signs that show the need to call stump grinding services.

Learn When It Is Time To Call Tree Removal Services

Tree services in St. Louis, MO,  can help you assess your trees and determine when’s best to remove them from your property. Here are six signs that tell you it’s time to call tree removal services:

1. Dead Branches

If a tree has numerous dead or drooping branches, it’s time to call for help from an arborist. Weak and decaying branches can easily fall off during a storm or strong winds, and potentially hitting nearby things or even people.

2. Cracks in the Trunk

When the tree trunk starts developing cracks, it indicates that the tree may be facing a structural issue. This can lead to further damage if not treated in time.

3. Leaning Tree

When your tree starts to lean away from its natural position, it could be due to several reasons, such as heavy winds, soil erosion, or even construction damage. This could lead to a weak root system, making it susceptible to falling over in extreme weather conditions.

4. Cracked or Uneven Soil

If your soil has started to crack and sink, it could be a sign of tree roots rotting away. This is not only dangerous for your property but also for other nearby trees.

5. Lack of Leaves

A tree’s lack of leaves can also indicate that it needs to be removed. Without its leaves, a tree cannot photosynthesize sunlight and won’t survive for long.

6. Mushrooms At The Base Of The Tree

Mushrooms tend to congregate near the base of a tree, indicating that the tree’s roots are rotting away. This could lead to disease and death in the tree, making removal necessary.

Keep Your Family Safe By Working With Mid America Tree Experts

As a parent, your biggest priority is family’s safety. At Mid America Tree experts, your priorities are also ours. Therefore, we have experience helping homeowners keep their families and properties safe. We provide reliable stump grinding and other tree services in St. Louis, MO, to ensure your property remains safe and secure. Our team will look closely at your trees and assess your outdoor situation. Choose Mid America Tree Experts for all your tree removal services!


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