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Avoiding Tree Damage: Precautions To Take Before A Storm

Do you have big trees in your garden? They sure enhance your property’s aesthetic value. But what happens when your area falls under a severe weather zone? Strong storms can cause havoc and make you anxious about your trees’ safety.

But don’t worry, protecting them doesn’t have to be difficult! We’ve covered some of the best practices to protect your garden trees from storm damage. Let’s keep reading!

Expert Advice For Preventing Storm Damage To Trees

Tree Inspection And Pruning

Tree inspection and pruning are key steps to preventing storm damage to trees. Tree inspection is carried out by a certified arborist who can check the overall structural condition of your trees.

They will detect any weak or dead branches that may pose a risk in storms and can recommend pruning them away to prevent damage. Pruning also helps to reduce overcrowding and ensure the trees’ weight is well distributed.

Tree Planting And Location

Choosing the right type of trees and carefully selecting their planting locations is crucial for storm protection. It is important to pick tree species that can endure strong storms and to plant them in safe areas to minimize the risk of damage.

A useful tip is to avoid planting trees close to power lines and to allow enough space for them to grow. Also, do not plant trees in high-traffic zones, either pedestrian or vehicular, as they may block the way if they fall.

Mulching And Fertilization

Fertilizers are packed with all the nutrients your trees need to grow strong and vibrant to face a storm. But it’s not just fertilizers that help manage stormwater – mulch, and compost play a role too.

You can protect your trees from excess rainfall and reduce soil erosion with mulch. Plus, it does double duty by minimizing the impact of rain on the ground so your tree roots don’t get exposed.

Staking And Guying

When a storm hits, your trees are especially vulnerable to wind damage, particularly if they are newly planted or have small root balls. Luckily, you can take two easy precautions to protect your trees from being uprooted by strong winds: staking and guying.

Staking involves driving a stake into the ground and tying it to your tree. In contrast, guying involves anchoring the tree to the ground with rope or wire. Just be careful not to damage the roots when planting the stake or the guying anchor!

Additionally, place the stake upwind from the direction of prevailing spring or summer winds. If one stake isn’t enough, consider using two stakes parallel to the prevailing winds.

Protection From Debris

When a heavy storm strikes, your trees risk damage from flying debris. You can cover them in a protective material like burlap or a row cover. It is also advisable to create a shelter around young trees, particularly if strong wind gusts are predicted.

Another useful technique is to use windbreaks. These barriers can help slow down the wind before it reaches your home, reducing the risk of damage. They can also help capture flying debris, protecting your trees and property.

Emergency Preparedness

Protecting your property and trees during severe weather events is important, and a plan is key. Start by giving your trees regular maintenance to prevent damage during a storm. You can also secure any outdoor furniture or debris left in the garden to avoid potential hazards.

Be sure to stock up on emergency supplies such as flashlights, batteries, and non-perishable food in case of a power outage. With these tips and a comprehensive plan, you can reduce potential damage and losses during severe weather events.

Protect Your Trees From Storm Damage with Mid America Tree Experts

Are you worried about your trees getting damaged during a storm? Don’t let that happen! Our team of professional tree experts at Mid America Tree Experts has over 20 years of experience serving the St. Louis area.

With our tree services, you can protect your trees from storm damage and avoid costly property damage. We take pride in our commitment to the community and ensuring your trees’ safety. Contact us today for reliable and affordable tree services!

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