Stump Grinding Services in St. Louis

Stump Grinding Services

Once a tree has been eliminated, we continue our services with offering stump grinding. We value stump grinding separately from the tree removal stage. Stumps are a welcoming signal for insects and bugs to seek shelter, which increases their ability to invade your home.

It is important to get to the root of the matter and remove the stump because the remaining origins can continue to expand. If this occurs, any landscape, sidewalks, or pipe structures in their path can be harmed. 

Important reasons for getting rid of a stump

– a tree stump may pose a danger to travel. This is particularly true in the fall and winter seasons when it can be covered with leaves or snow.

Space– Stumps can also occupy space that can be used for various other points. New trees, sheds, patios, or fences.

Pests– No one wants a pest infestation anywhere near their home. Stumps will gradually die, making them and enticing place for insects to congregate.

Decay– The rotting tree stump will begin to expand the fungi in the form of mushrooms. Not only is the growth of mushrooms not appealing in a well-manicured lawn, but they can also be harmful to children and pets.

Roots– Many homeowners are not aware that the origins growing continue to grow even after the tree has already been cleared.

Our largest stump grinding system allows the removal of large stumps with a breeze. We offer stump elimination services as a stand-alone service or in addition to your tree removal. We even have barrier screens to control the debris as the work is performed. Call Mid America Tree Experts for all your stump elimination needs




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