Tree Deadwooding Services in St. Louis

Tree Deadwooding Services

All About Tree Deadwooding

You’ve probably noted the loss of life or dry branches of your trees and even noticed some of them falling off in your garden. The practical but necessary tree deadwooding technique removes dead, dying, or diseased branches from the tree’s canopy. You’ll avoid costly damages or accidents involving your neighbors.  

Mid America Tree Experts provide maintenance to your trees with tree deadwooding  to avoid accidents or structural damage to your home when fall and winter storms arrive. You get the best solutions with us. 


Causes Of Deadwood

As a homeowner or business owner, deadwood in trees can be more serious than just an old branch that has reached the end of its life. An inspection by one of our certified arborists will ensure that future accidents do not occur and that your trees look healthy. Here are some of the reasons your trees may have deadwood:

  • Drought
  • Non-nourishing soil
  • Soil erosion
  • Extreme exposure to sun or cold
  • Damaging pests
  • Storm damage
  • Pollution in the area
  • Advanced age

Advantages of Deadwooding

  • Safety is First

Remove dead branches before they fall on your property or pass neighbors and vehicles, especially when high winds are present in the fall or winter. Otherwise, the chances of accidents will be high and become a major investment. 

  • Help Your Tree Heal And Grow

By removing unwanted weight, you will reduce the tree’s wind resistance and help the overall balance of the tree’s structure. In addition to growing, it’ll get more sunlight if your trees haven’t been pruned for a long time, promoting optimal growth.

  • Keep the Appearance of Your Garden Neat

A tree with deadwood removed looks more aesthetically pleasing and will require less maintenance in the long term. Deadwooding will allow your trees to be the envy of the neighborhood for their beautiful and healthy appearance year-round.   

Call A Professional and Experienced Tree Deadwooding Company in Saint Louis

Leave the heavy lifting to our experts at Mid America Tree Experts to care and preserve the appearance of your trees. We guarantee safe and reliable quality removal like no other company will. Get to work with us now, do not miss this chance!





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