Tree Deadwooding Services in St. Louis

Tree Deadwooding Services

Dead Wooding is a way to get rid of dead branches from your tree. It is a vital component of tree maintenance that eliminates loose or dying branches that most likely to be knocked loose in a storm. April and May are perfect months to take care of the upkeep, and by the time the fall storms and winter snowstorms hit, you will be happy you did it.

Cause of deadwood:

  • Heavy storm
  • Physical damage & construction damage
  • Animals damaging the trees
  • Too much water on the tree saps
  • The fungus that rots the branches
  • Sunlight not reaching the branches
  • Various tree diseases

Deadwood can potentially cause harm to your home or property. Deadwooding is much more common in older, taller trees. Trees of this dimension require equipment and services that many other tree companies do not provide. Such as lifts, crane assistance, and experience. Feel confident when hiring Mid America Tree Experts to get the job done right.

Purpose for Deadwooding:

  • Safety – dead branches are a problem for your property. Mostly if those are hanging around your home.
  • Unwanted pests – Deadwood is like an infection for trees. It attracts pests and diseases.
  • Regulations – Schools and government bodies have requirements for public safety that needs to follow.
  • Looks – Improves the attractiveness of your tree. Removing the deadwood gives an aesthetic for your tree.
  • Tree Health – removing deadwood allows more light to your tree makes it more lively.

Advantages for Deadwooding:

  • It gives safety to the area by removing dead branches and limbs.
  • When the branches are dead, they are an unnecessary weight for the tree to bear. Dead wooding removes this stress, thus reducing wind resistance and giving the tree improved balance.
  • When dead branches get removed from a tree, it makes the tree look much healthier and makes it more attractive to look at.

The process for removing deadwood can be dangerous if it is performed by someone who lacks adequate training as well as proper equipment. It may also create further problems with the tree if removed incorrectly. To ensure safe and reliable removal, call Mid America Tree Experts.




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