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Tree Health & Fertilizing Services

While soil can give some nutrients that trees and shrubs need to grow, most need the help of fertilizer to reach their full potential. At Mid America Tree Experts, we use high-quality fertilized products and state-of-the-art methods to ensure the health of trees and shrubs. Our wonderfully precise services are the key to more blooms, greener leaves, and healthier, more productive trees on your property. 


Make a Greener Difference  with Professional Fertilization 

Professionals, like Mid America Tree Experts, will have access to not only the advanced, quality equipment that works best but also the professional-grade products that will be most effective for your tree type, soil, and needs. 

  • Fertilization improves the vigor of your trees or shrubs
  • Fertilization prolongs the life of the tree 
  • Fertilization improves the color of the tree, making it look healthier and greener.
  • Fertilize trees to replenish the nutrients they lose over time.

Know the Best Time to Fertilize Your Trees and shrubs

  • Fall Season
  1. Helps recover nutrients that the soil lost during the summer.
  2. Encourages root growth during the winter (if the soil is not frozen).
  • Spring Season
  1. Encourages a new flush of growth during the prime growing season.
  2. Greens the leaves of the tree to keep them alive during summer and fall.
  3. Provides essential nutrients that keep the tree healthy and help it fight infection.

Our goal at Mid America Tree Experts is to improve the overall health of your trees and shrubs and supply the necessary nutrients to tree roots with nitrogen and Polyamino Acids during the growing season. 

Also, prevent pests and spider mites from damaging your scenery in the short and long term. These treatments boost both the color and regrowth of your trees and shrubs. Ensuring a long, healthier life for your trees. 

Prioritize The Health Of Your Trees With The Best Fertilizers 

Get the best fertilizing service in Saint Louis with Mid America Tree America, and start nurturing your trees and bushes. The tree health in your house is our top priority. Delete from your browser tree services and start working with us. Call us now at 636-205-8990 or contact us!





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