Large Tree Removal Services
in St. Louis

Large Tree Removal Services

Tree Removal
At the point when a tree gets harmed, is unhealthy, or you need it eliminated from your property, there is no tree too enormous or tiny for Mid America Tree Experts. We are prepared to handle it with our state-of-the-art equipment and expert team.

Large Tree Removal
Large tree removal is effortless with our 20 years of involvement in the industry. By using cranes, lifts, and other cutting-edge equipment, we eliminate enormous unsafe trees from practically any area with an insignificant effect on the territory around the tree.

Removing Trees in Tight Spaces
Removing trees can be problematic when they are close to structures like homes, sheds, utilities, and other trees. Our lightweight and remote-controlled spider lift will fit into the smallest spaces, like fence gates, yet gives us a safe reach of over 60 feet in less than a minute. Using the spider-lift, we can often eliminate or reduce the need for manual climbing, making tree removal more cost-effective and much safer.

Tree Removal Clean Up Guaranteed
At Mid America Tree Experts, we offer the option for total tree clean up! Our crew will remove all green waste generated from your project to ensure that it is cleaner than before we started working. We even have barrier screens to control the debris as the work is performed.

Large Tree Removal Services in St. Louis

Signs A Tree Is Damaged or Dangerous 

If you’re unsure if a tree needs to be removed or pruned, here are some sure tell-tail signs:

  • Big branches dying and falling
  • Leaves falling off early in the year and not coming back in the Spring
  • A rotten base of the tree or rotten roots
  • Missing bark or deep crakes in the tree trunk
  • A hole has formed in the tree trunk where a branch has fallen off
  • Leaves falling off from the outside-in
  • The tree begins to lean
  • Roots are visible
  • A fungus is seen at the base of the tree (a sign of root rot) 
  • “Sawdust” is seen at the bottom of the tree (a sign of pest infestation)

These are signs that the tree may have a disease or illness. Other reasons to remove trees may be that they are too close to your house, foundation, sidewalk, driveway, underground pipes, power lines, or if the tree is leaning severely to one side or the other.


The Risks In Removing Trees
Electrical Cable- We work closely with Ameren, and other surrounding electric companies, to insure a safe tree removal around electrical cables and power lines. This includes scheduling line drops when necessary, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Poor Equipment- We inspect our equipment daily to ensure everything is in proper working order. This includes ropes, safety equipment, trucks, saws, ect. This ensures we give our best every day.

Decaying Wood- A dying tree is a big risk and huge liability on the homeowner. You never know when it could collapse without you knowing and cause major damage. Give Mid America Tree Experts a call to get it removed before it does so.

Gravity- When a tree starts to fall, you have no control over where it goes. This could result in damage to homes, electrical wires, people, or vehicles. Remove the risk before it costs you.
If you are unsure if a tree needs to be removed, request a hassle-free consultation today! We will provide a free evaluation of your tree’s health and provide recommendations.

Fully Insured & Certified Tree Services
Here at Mid America Tree Experts, we take the safety of you and your property seriously. Our teams are fully insured to protect you from costly accidents and personal injury lawsuits. We are committed to the highest industry standards to assure everyone’s protection and safety, and a job performed to your satisfaction. (Tree removal insurance is one of the most costly insurance policies to purchase in the yard and landscape market. This results in many companies not carrying the proper insurance. Be careful who you hire and feel confident when hiring Mid America Tree Experts.)




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