Large Tree Removal Services
in St. Louis

Trees are an important part of any landscape, but sometimes they can become overgrown and unhealthy. If this is the case with one or more of your trees, you may need to consider large tree removal services. Thankfully, if you live in the St. Louis County region, Mid America Tree Experts has your back!

Our team is highly professional and well-qualified to take on any size tree project. We offer large tree removal services to restore your landscape and protect you from potentially hazardous trees. Let the Mid America Tree Experts team safely handle all your tree services in St. Louis!

Fast, Efficient, and Safe Tree Removal

We have over two decades of experience in large tree removal, making it a simple and stress-free process. We understand that tree removal can be intricate and often require specific heavy equipment for safe completion.

With our tree services in St. Louis, MO, we take tree removal to the next level with cranes, lifts, and other cutting-edge tools that allow us to remove even the most enormous trees from virtually any area while preserving the surrounding environment.

Clean Up Your Property With Our Tree Removal Services

At Mid America Tree Experts, we understand that tree services often result in substantial green waste. That’s why we offer the option for total tree cleanup! 

Our crew will skillfully remove all green waste generated by your large tree removal project and ensure that it’s cleaner than before we started working. Additionally, we’ll install barrier screens to maintain a clean environment during tree removal.

When We Recommend Large Tree Removal Services

To ensure the safety and health of your tree(s), we recommend hiring our services whenever signs of tree decline start to become apparent, such as:

  • Big branches dying and falling off
  • Premature leaf loss during Fall/Winter months
  • Rotten tree base or roots,
  • Bark chipping away or deep cracks in the tree trunk
  • Even a hole forming at the branch-falloff entry point is something to look for.
  • If leaves start to fall off from the outside or root exposure becomes visible alongside fungus development or pest infestations (“sawdust” at the tree base), it’s time to call us!

Let Us Help You Keep Your Property Safe & Clean in St. Louis County

Mid America Tree Experts in St. Louis, MO, is the definitive choice for tree removal services. With our skills, we can quickly, safely, and effectively remove large trees from your property. We understand the need for tree removal can arise unexpectedly, so our team is always ready to help you avoid potential hazards. 

Whether it be a tree that has lost much of its luster or become a danger on your property, Mid America Tree Experts will help you handle all your large tree removal needs in St. Louis, so you can keep your property looking great at all times!




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